STATEMENT: Thomas Weso

Tom.ImpilshGrinWriting and making visual art are part of my daily perspective. Stories I told my wife Denise Low about growing up in the Menominee Indian food culture have become a book, Good Seeds: A Menominee Food Memoir (Wisconsin State Historical Society Press, Sept. 2016). My photography of daily sights is on my public Facebook page, Thomas Pecore Weso (friend me!).

I was inspired to paint and draw after drives through Arizona’s Bloody Basin Road, Superstition Mountain, and the Apache Trail. These continue to resonate in my paintings. My degree in anthropology gave me the opportunity to study cross-culturally among Native peoples. I do not feel limited by any one landscape, yet there always is a landscape in my personal narration.

I was born on the Menominee reservation to the Bear Clan (mother’s mother). My grandfather Moon Weso was a respected leader, Potawatomi and Turtle Clan. Growing up, I lived on the reservation and also in nearby urban areas, including Chicago and Milwaukee. I started college in Wisconsin but transferred to Haskell in Lawrence, Kansas, where I completed a degree and continued to the University of Kansas to complete bachelors and masters degrees. I have lived in Lawrence since 1992. Contact me at regarding my art, which is for sale, or book signings/appearances.



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