View my work at La Prima Tazza, 638 Mass. St. in Lawrence, July 1-31, 2015, for a showing of my paintings. Meet me there Friday July 3 from 5 pm to 6:30 pm,  soon after the show opens. I need to clear out space for new work, so prices for framed art will be rock bottom. Also coming up is release of my food memoir, Good Seeds, from Wisconsin Historical Society Press, in fall of 2016. Contact:

I create book cover illustrations ( ) as well as acrylic paintings and colored-pencil artworks. My work is for sale, both originals and fine prints, for very reasonable prices. Contact me at and join my Facebook page Thomas Pecore Weso. The Canadian journal Numero Cinq just published a sequence of my paintings with poetry by Denise Low, In the Direction of North.  Thanks to Mark Rassette at the Hutchinson-Reno County Arts Council for wrangling my one-man show Jan. 2013. A collectible chapbook of my paintings with related poems Runaway Pony is available–see the Tab on this page for details.

About Arts in Lawrence

Denise Low is a writer and publisher of Mammoth Publications, of Lawrence, Kansas
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  1. See “Blue Cactus” on display at Runaway Pony Bed & Breakfast in Lawrence, 6th & Kentucky St. Thanks to RP for the purchase!

  2. Thanks to Fred Whitehead for purchase of the Winter Shaman painting.

  3. deniselow says:

    Thanks to Xanath Caraza and Steve Wempe Holland for purchase of White Star!

  4. Thanks for all the great comments on the new painting Commods. It is about poverty on the Indian reservations as well as across the country.

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